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Coconox is a sub-brand of Knoxx global that specializes in coconut products. The company operates mostly in the HoReCa segment but is planning to reach new consumer markets and sell its products in the national supermarket chains.


The name Coconox is playful, paints a really clear picture of a coconut, and is well associated with the company name “Knoxx”. For the logo we decided to use the first two letters “CO” and give them some nice island vibes, where C represents a wave and O represent a sun. We also developed a custom typeface that is similar to the one used on other products from the company. As the company operates in HoReCa segment but also is reaching consumer market we had to find the right balance between professional and playful looking products, we came up with illustrations and patterns to give it an authentic but sleek and minimal look to attract everyday consumers as well as chefs and professionals who use company’s products in their restaurants and hotels.

The goal was to create a website that is not only smooth and intuitive for wholesale customers and everyday people but also communicates lightness and amazing coconut flavor.

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